This site should help those who visit here understand The Ditanian Alliance, it's Ideals and it's Goals.

River Rats... "In SPACE!"
We are an NRDS corp with our community's roots in the "NavyField" game. Focused primarily in EvE Online now; we like to go ratting, missioning, mining, and to generally have fun and relax on vent or TS while playing. We live in null and rarely go to high sec space anymore except for the occasional trip to get supplies, or a change of pace.
Recruitment for River Rats is by invitation only so please don't ask, we will contact you. :)


  1. Members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner toward other corp members and players at all times.
  2. Members are required to follow the rules of NRDS in all areas of space.
  3. Members are required to follow the Alliance rules at all times without regard to the situation. (what this means is that just being in a bad mood or something is not an excuse to break the rules)
  4. Members should remember that we have Old, Young, Male and Female members and we should strive to be respectful of each other "Alliance-Wide" at all times...