The Ditanian Alliance

TDA. is an NRDS Alliance comprised of both EvE pilots and Dust mercinaries. For Diplomatic issues, please join the "TDA-Diplo" (without the quotes) channel and follow the instructions in the MOTD

The Ditanian Alliance - TDA.

The Member corps of TDA. are autonomous, the Alliance does NOT dictate (for the most part) how you run your corp, nor do we dictate who you have in your corp, we only ask that simple common sense rules of courtesy be used and that as a representative of the Alliance you and your corp members conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner, however, we must insist on a single point; that while representing this alliance you follow the rules listed HERE in any region.
Outside of that, our mission is the same as our founding corp, to have fun playing the game and hopefully make some new friends along the way.
We do not tolerate scammers, liars, or thieves and while we do not particularly care for PvP, we are not above hunting down and repeatedly killing those who hurt our friends, aggress blues/Neuts in our space, or betray us...